Completely assemble a HPS grow tent

Building a complete grow tent with HPS?

Our complete grow sets are carefully selected and ready to use for growing vegetables, herbs, and other plants.
The grow tents offer optimal light reflection, are light-proof, and made of high-quality materials.

These grow tent sets are technically complete and sorted by size and only need to be supplemented with soil and seeds.
We only supply original grow tents of the best A-quality. You can choose from different grow tent components (options) in the dropdown menu to customize the grow tent to your own liking.

Advantages of growing with HPS in a grow tent
There are several benefits associated with using HPS lighting in a grow tent, including:

  1. Better light output: HPS lamps generally have a higher light output than other types of lighting, which can lead to better growth and yields of plants.
  2. Better flowering results: HPS lamps produce light with high intensity in the red spectrum, which is beneficial for the flowering phase of plants. This can result in better flowering results and higher yields.
  3. Better heat production: HPS lamps produce more heat than other types of lighting, which can raise the temperature in the grow tent and stimulate plant growth.
  4. Lower purchase costs: HPS lamps are generally cheaper to purchase than other types of lighting, which can lead to cost savings when setting up a grow tent.
  5. Proven technology: HPS lamps have been used in the grow industry for decades and have proven to be effective for the growth and flowering of plants.

Using HPS lighting has several benefits for growing plants in a grow tent. It can lead to higher yields, better flowering results, and long-term cost savings.

What components make your grow tent complete with HPS ready to use?
  • Grow tent
  • Lighting set with HPS lighting
  • Suspension system
  • Connection material
  • Climate extraction system
  • Fan controller
  • Timer
  • Ventilator
  • Hygro/Thermometer
  • Soil
  • Seeds