Own use
Only grow for your own needs. so not for commercial purposes!

Connected securely
Electricity safely connected. no fire hazard. (possibly automatic extinguisher)

Small size
No space with more than 1000 watts of lighting.

No nuisance
No odor nuisance.
No noise pollution.
No flooding.

We have also set a limit on some products:
We do not sell more than 1 hps set / lamp and possibly 1 spare set / lamp
We sell no more than a 5 ltr can or set 5 ltr A + B. of the same liquid
We do not sell tents more than 240x120.
We do not sell exhaust more than 1000m3.
We do not sell filters more than 1000m3.
We do not sell more than 50 pots.

What we do not sell!
We do not sell 10 liters more.
We do not sell cuttings.
We do not sell poison.