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Powder Nutrition

Bio-mineral powder nutrition
After years of research and development, DrFertigo bundles several fertilizers in a balanced manner in just three food products, suitable for both individuals with a small vegetable garden and for professional gardeners: Start-Grow, Grow-Bloom and Bloom -Finish. Every growth phase of the crop requires a different balanced composition of nutrients. Our products have a higher nutritional value, are easier to use, easier to transport and store than those of other food lines, which sometimes consist of up to twelve products. This can result in a lower nutritional value for each individual product.

The high-quality and multi-component feedings of DrFertigo are also powdered, which means they can be kept for longer than liquid fertilizers. The user-friendliness is optimized by the sophisticated ready-to-use packaging tailored to the correct EC value, so that the user always gives the right amount of food in each individual growth phase. In addition, the customer can measure what the crop absorbs in order to achieve maximum production.