Irrigation systems

Irrigation systems
Growing with an automatic irrigation system has many advantages. It gives you the freedom to be away from home and will lead to increased yields. Your plants will never dry out and will always get there daily water needs. For all our growing cabinets we have specially designed irrigation systems. These systems are easy to use and maintain. The medium you choose to use determines to a significant extent the irrigation system you will use.

For growing with soil in pots you could use the Blumat system. The system uses a membrane to release water from a water tank when the soil dries out. The water tank is placed on a raised level beside the cabinet. These systems work without timers and pumps and are very reliable.

Drip irrigation /eb & flow
For most of our grow cabinets we’ve designed automatic irrigation systems. They work with a pump and a timer.
These systems can be used in two ways; as eb & flow- or drip irrigation system. When used as drip irrigation system water with nutrients is pumped to each individual plant on a tray through a system of drippers.
Water that leaks from underneath the pots flows back into the water tank. Therefore recirculating the water supply.
A lot of people prefer to give water from the bottom of the pot. After all this is where most of the roots are found. When used as an eb & flow system a layer of water is pumped into the tray on which the pots are placed (flow). Via holes in the bottom of the pot the water is absorbed. Once the pump switches off again the water drains back into the water tank (eb).

Flow & Grow
The Flow & Grow growsystem is based on hydroponics. This is the growing of plants in water. There is no medium to pass. So no more carrying heavy bags of soil. It is a farming method that is increasingly being used. Not only for plants but also for vegetable cultivation in the greenhouse, such as tomato and chicory.
An important advantage is that you can dispense nutrients easily and accurately. Also causers of plant diseases, such as fungi and bacteria, are kept under control easier than with traditional breeding processes.