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BudBox kweektenten

So, why BudBox?

BudBox, launched in 2003, constantly refined & upgraded,  the original and still the best!
Extensive range of sizes to suit all growers, from 75x75x100 to 300x300x200.
Super strong canvass, tested lightproof to 600w HID at 50cm with no light ingress! 30 cm with Pro white.
Available in “pro-white” or “Mylar/silver” interior finishes.
Heavy duty “military grade” light tight zips.
Double-cuffed inlet/outlet ports for irrigation, ventilation & power as well as double-cuffed air-cooled lighting ports.
Anti-corrosion, powder coated steel poles, colour coded to aid assembly.
Virtually indestructible corner connectors. How strong?
Detachable, waterproof base tray.
Handy durable canvas carry bag in which to store the unit when disassembled & not in use.
Extensive range of BudBox accessories, including AQUATANK, SYSTEM#5, AIRSOCK, THERMO-TEK, SHELVING.
Clear, concise & informative assembly instructions.