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Mammoth Pro grow tent

Mammoth Pro - is the tent series from Mammoth which comes just after the Elite in quality.
The tent is of very high quality, A high end range, ideal for the professional grower.

• Light proof design
• Polypropylene corners for maximum rigidity
• Equipment tubes that have 60kg load capacity
• Large doors - easy to access and work in
• Material is washable inside and out
• Straps and hooks for easy integration of equipment
• Light, easy-to-transport material and is easy to assemble
• The range also features Mammoth Dual, Propagator and the Dryer

Mammoth Pro Micro 40x40x80 cm kweektent


€ 45.00
Mammoth Pro 60 60x60x160 cm kweektent


€ 85.00
Mammoth Pro 90 90x90x180 cm kweektent


€ 115.00
Mammoth Pro 100 100x100x200 cm kweektent


€ 155.00
Mammoth Pro 120 120x120x200 cm kweektent


€ 160.00
Mammoth Pro 120L 120x60x160 cm kweektent


€ 125.00
Mammoth Pro 150 150x150x200 cm kweektent


€ 200.00
Mammoth Pro 240L 240x120x200 cm kweektent


€ 290.00