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Home    Water   Druppel systemen  Shrubbler verstelbare sproeier Steker 360 adjustable
Shrubbler verstelbare sproeier Steker 360 adjustable

Shrubbler verstelbare sproeier Steker 360 adjustable

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Shrubbler verstelbare sproeier Steker 360 adjustable

  • Productinformatie

• Simple finger-tip cap control for flow adjustment.
• Spike for positioning; side entry connection and break-off barb adapter.
• Barb for direct attachment to feeder and supply lines.
• Threaded for installation into Rigid Risers.

A slow watering system for hanging baskets and small potted plants. 5" stake can be easily placed where you want to water. 8 stream spray pattern easily adjusts from a dripper to a 2-3 ft 360 degree pattern by turning the top dial. Dripper stake adjusts to flow between 0 and 10 gph. Operating pressures of 5-35 psi. Complete with 36" black flexible vinyl supply tube with barb. Suitable where irrigation of trees and shrubs is wanted. Also use for for small pots, big tubs, planter boxes, garden beds, landscaped gardens and nurseries. Under roses direct watering avoids wetting foliage. I
Ideal for hanging baskets. 1/2" threaded for riser pipe installations.
Unit Ship Weight: 0.02 lbs.