Dr Fertigo

DrFertigo stands for quality & simplicity
DrFertigo is a professional botanical company and stands for innovation in or-ganic agriculture and horticulture. We want the grower to achieve maximum results with good products that are easy to understand and use. That is why we have developed high-quality bio-mineral food supple-ments and 100% organic products (Humitine soil improv-er and BioDefender plant enhancer / immuno-booster) for an active soil life and a healthy end product. All our products are regularly tested at independent food lab-oratories to ensure continuous high quality.

Why DrFertigo?
  • High quality ingredients from professional agriculture
  • Scientifically researched, and extensively tested
  • Easy to use, compact packaging
  • Ready-to-use products: all-in-one composition
  • Broad spectrum, high-quality bio-mineral component nutrition
  • Economical to use
  • One suitable product for each growth phase
  • For both home and professional growers